Defcon Sauces - Media Gallery

Welcome to Defcon Sauces Media Center !!


Here you can find any type of information, entertainment, and idea's regarding our products.


Photos - Over the years we have received so many pictures from our shows to provide you some pretty good entertainment and who knows... you may just be in one.


Defcon-versations Radio Show - John's web-radio show that provides information from around the industry.  Many new companies and some of the old guard talk with John and answer questions regarding getting started to how to survive.


Videos - Who can resist those crazy videos from Deathmatches throughout the years.  In addition, we have our video clips from different media services that range from informative to the crazy ingestion of ZERO by many.


Recipes - Now you can get the Defcon Sauces award winning Wing Prep recipe and many others contributed by our customers.  There are so many uses for each one of our products we wanted to provide them to you.  If you have one of your own that you would like to submit, please send it.

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