Every year, the DEFCON Crew strived to come up

with something original in a new product.

We’ve been pretty lucky over these many years, and have had

very good luck probing the boundaries of gastronomical curiosities.


This year is a bit different,

as we have come up with TWO new products.

These products are like no other products we’ve ever released,

and we are happy to bring them to you. The two products are a

mild and hot version of the same base,

so we can makes everyone happy.

Here are the products we are releasing:


BONUM ALLIUM (Latin for ‘Good Garlic’), is an ultra-fine powder

with a garlic base and just a hint of smoke and heat.

The heat comes from the Chipotle, and is ultra-useful.


MALUM ALLIUM (Latin for ‘Evil Garlic’), is an ultra-fine powder with a

garlic base, and utilizes a few different peppers,

including the Weri-Weri and Scorpion. It has a nice kick,

but is not overpowering with heat.





Both of these products have uses that are nearly endless.

In the oven, they will turn into a glaze, infused into butter,

and put on popcorn, shaken directly onto pizza,

an awesome rub for steaks, etc. 

So stock up on the Newest of the DEFCON Sauces product line!

Garlic so good, Vampires ask for it by name!







Yup, we did it again. Last year, we took 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in the prestigious 

Screaming Mimi Awards aty the 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo, it was amazing then, and we 

were the first company to sweep a category in the history of the awards.


This year, lightning struck again and we once again swept the category,

taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place again!


To say we're excited is a total undertstatement.


1st Place went to our Defense Condition #3, mild Wing Sauce

2nd Place went to our Curbstomp, out hottest Wing Sauce

3rd Place went to our Cluckwing Orange, 2nd hottest Wing Sauce


With the caliber of judges these awards have judging products, from

Editors at Bon Appetit Magazine to Food Network Stars to CIA-trained Chefs,

it is by far the best of the best in competitions when ti comes to the judges.










For over 11 years, the BEST in Wing Sauces, Habanero Horseradishes and Dry Rubs!



After a record-breaking football season, it seems the DEFCON Sauces

Sphere of Influence has increased dramatically! 

We thank all of you who enjoyed our products,

it seems we've gotten a large number of new Defcon Acolytes on board.


Spring is creeping its way into our lives again,

and I think it's an appropriate time to post our

2016 Calendar of Events. Listed below are a number of events

we will be doing throughout the year. We will be adding more

as the year progresses, be sure to click on "Upcoming Events"

on the left side of this page regularly, as you never know

quite where the DEFCON Crew will show up.

We have a number of private gigs (block parties, and the such)

which are not listed, and we will be setting up at our

three Farmers Markets (Chester, Chatham & Metuchen, NJ),

and I will announce the dates once I receive them.


Look forward to seeing everyone again, this is going to be a Hell

of a year. We will be adding 2 NEW PRODUCTS this year,

give it a month or two, and we will also be releasing our

first Defcon Batch Zero Collectible in 7-8 years. This collectible is

gonna be a BEAUTY! So, with that being said, I look forward to

making our 12th year of existence a good one.

With all of you guys in our corner, I'm sure you'll make us proud!




April 23-24, 4th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo, Brooklyn, NY

April 30th, New England Regional Chili Cookoff, Somers, CT

May 15, Bunny's Sports Bar (FREE WINGS!), S. Orange, NJ

May 27-28, Berks Pepper Jam, Sinking Spring, PA

June 4, 3rd Annual Hop Fest, Beach Haven, NJ

July 9-10, North Haven Biker Bash, North Haven, CT (NEW DATE)

August 10, 10th Annual, Duffs Brooklyn Wingfest, Brooklyn, NY

August 13, Berks County Wine Festival, Bethel, PA (I will be at this one)

August 13, Vets Summer Fest, Budd Lake, NJ (Maggie will be at this one)

September 9-10, Bowers Chile Pepper Festival, Bowers, PA

October 1-2, Bowmanstown Fire Dept Pepper Festival, Bowmanstown, PA


We will also be doing our standard three Farmers Markets

as we have every year, they are as follows:


Metuchen, NJ Farmers Market (Saturdays, 9am-2pm):

Chatham, NJ Farmers Market ( Saturdays, 8am-1pm):

  Chester, NJ Farmers Market (Sundays 10am-3pm):

Dates to be announced for all of these


We just SUPERSIZED the Smokey Dust!!!


The Smokey Dust now available in a Supersize container!

For the last 7 or so years, we've offered our well-known 

Smokey Dust only in a 2-ounce shaker container. Well, I 

experimented last year at the markets I did with a huge 

4.5 ounce shaker container. Well, it was a huge hit!


Awesome on grilled shrimp, beef ribs and roasted chicken,

many people have gotten quite creative with the stuff over these

many years. So, order up and Supersize the Dust!






Thanks to all the staff and attendees for the 3rd Annual Smoke and Fire Food Fest at the Provident Bank Ballpark in Pomona, NY.

This year was a lot of fun, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

This has become one of the select few annual events we do, and for good reason. It's a lot of fun!


The weather was perfect, which pretty much put everyone into a good mood, considering last year was 35 degrees and pouring rain.

The number of repeat customers was awesome as well, and we nearly sold out of all the quarts of our wing sauce by the end of the day.


One of the defining moments of the show was getting the

"Best Wing Sauce in Hudson County" Trophy, futher qualifying our well-known products.

Proof positive the Judges know something good when they consume it!


Join us next year, you'll be glad you did. 

For more info about this event, including being a vendor go to





The 2015 Screaming Mimi Winners Set is now available! 


OK, you may or may not know, but there was some HUGE news on Saturday, April 25th at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

You see, Defcon Sauces had taken 1st Place in Wing Sauce for the Screaming Mimi Award last year. The Screaming Mimi Award has become the Platinum Standard for this industry, and we were quite proud of our acheivement last year.


We entered our Wing Sauces again this year, to see how we fared against the competition.




This is the first time in award history that a company has swept a category. THAT being said, perhaps you would like to partake in the BEST of the BEST, well, you've come to the right place.


We here at Defcon Sauces are offering up ALL THREE AWARD WINNERS in a combo set we're calling



"The Screaming Mimi Winners Set"


Let these 3 bottles sing to you tastebuds, as they enter the realm of Gastronomical Nirvana!!!


The Trio includes:


One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #2, Medium Heat Wing Sauce (2015 Screaming Mimi Award Winner)

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #1, High Heat Wing Sauce (2nd Place 2015, 1st Place 2014 Screaming Mimi Award Winner)

One 12-ounce Cluckwing Orange, Very High Heat Wing Sauce (3rd Place 2015)










For the first time in the history of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo's premier award, The Screaming Mimi's, one company swept an entire category. We are quite proud that company was ours! Taking 1st, 2nd AND 3rd Place in the Wing Sauce category is a HUGE victory, considering the caliber of judges this year. This is yet another piece of proof that our wing sauces reign supreme.

1st Place - Defense Condition #2 (Medium Wing Sauce)

2nd Place - Defense Condition #1 (Hot Wing Sauce)

3rd Place - Cluckwing Orange (Extra Hot Wing Sauce)





Well, our 8th year at the New England Chili Cookoff is in the record books.

The weather, as usual, was perfect, and Mad Mike Freedman put together a show of perfection once again.




The Defcon Sauce booth was in prime form, as were our sales.



And we crowned yet another Champion at the Defcon Wing-Eating Deathmatch.

Here's 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place:








THE Super Uber Pack !!!


 We are also making a change to our largest gift pack, The Super-Uber Pack. We are now including bottles/jars/shakers of ALL NINE Defcon products currently available:

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #3 (mild heat)

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #2 (medium heat)

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #1 (high heat)

One 12-ounce bottle of Cluckwing Orange (higher heat)

One 12-ounce bottle of Curbstomp (highest heat)

 One 8 ounce jar Habby Pony (Mild Habanero Horseradish)

One 8 ounce jar Habby Horse (Hot Habanero Horseradish)

One 2 ounce shaker of Smokey Dust (Mild Dry Rub)

One 2 ounce shaker Of Contaminated Soil (Very Hot Dry Rub)



Yeah, insane!


2014 NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Defcon Sauces takes 1st Place Screaming MiMi - Wing Sauce!

Well, the 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo is now in the history books. The Defcon Urban Assault Vehicle has been unloaded, and things are resuming a semblance of normality again.


 We here at Defcon are quite proud to announce that our hallowed Mantle of Awesomeness was blessed with the top award from the show, The Screaming Mimi Award. We took First Place in Wing Sauce at the event (The Defense Condition #1 took the award), and let’s just say, I was a tad happy.


The Screaming Mimi Awards have quickly become one of the most, if not THE most sought after award that our industry offers. With only 12 categories, and one 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place awarded in each. It concentrates the company’s submissions, and makes it MUCH more difficult to win. Add to that the Judges, who came from extremely well-known culinary backgrounds, like Bon Appetit magazine and The Food Network, and well, to win with that caliber of judging makes it all the more awesome.


 We’d like to thank Steve Seabury for creating and running with this event, as the man has birthed something special, and something he should be proud of. A big shout-out to all the attendees as well, for without you, this industry is nothing. We look forward to the 3rd Annual, and seeing all of our industry friends, which are about as close as you can get to family, without the DNA sequences.




DEFCON Sauces launches new product!


Ok, for the first time in well over a year, the Defcon Sauces Labs have completed construction of our newest product, The Defcon Creator's Contaminated Soil. It is our second dry product, and contains the essence of EIGHT different peppers, plus a few Ancient Defcon Secrets.


 This product was unveiled at the 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo on March 30th, and became an instant hit. These vessels are the pre-production units, of which we only have a few dozen left, before these go into full production.


 In our experimentation in proper utilization, we found one of the best uses for this product was rimming a shotglass with it for a tequila shot, sprinkling into a Bloody Mary, oh yeah, and it tastes awesome on pork tenderloin. Of course, the uses are as endless as your imagination. Be the first on your block to own Defcon Creator’s Contaminated Soil, A Fine New Jersey Product. An exquisite blend of Nature’s abominations.

Defcon Creator's Contaminated Soil


Now available Online! (While supplies last, I'm being honest..)



Surprise Visit ... You never know ....

Well, we had an awesome time at Lefty's Irish Pub, a 3rd generation family owned establishment located in Marcus Hook, PA.  It was a rare impromptu visit, types of visits that have been really bad, but this one was just the opposite.  We met a ton of new friends, and the owner Tom Mclaughlin was a great host.  A ton of people met face to face with the ZERO Sludge, which, of course, made the afternoon, lol.  Their food is great, and the portions are HUGE!  So, if you're ever in the area, stop in and say hi, you'll be glad you did.


Check 'em out at !!


Greg T of Z-100 does the ZERO Live - You're gonna laugh!!!!!

Shortly after our return from Zest Fest 2013, we were contacted by the Z-100 radio station. We were unable to personally be in the studio, but we sent them a nice little care package to talk about. There is both an audio and video version of this clip, it is freaking HILARIOUS!

Here is the Audio file :

Click HERE For the video !!

- - - - - - - - - -

Pomona, NY - 2013

What a great show!  1st year was a success from the dancing frog to the country band.


Duff's Brooklyn Wingfest - 2013

The 8th Annual Wingfest was a great time had by all, just like the last 7 years.

Thanks to all who came out to hang with us.

See y'all next year!





That's right. The DEFCON Crew spent the weekend (June 28-June 30) at the 1st Annual Zest Fest Midwest show in Columbus, Ohio. We had a blast meeting everyone, hangin' out, and slingin' sauces. On Sunday morning, they announced the People's Preference Awards. Not only did we take 1st Place in the Wing Sauce category with our Defense Condition #2 Wing Sauce and 3rd Place in Condiments category with our Smokey Dust, we also took BEST IN SHOW!

This is a first time we've ever taken this award at ANY show, and yeah, we're proud!



Well, a HUGE thanks has to go to Mad Mike for the best New England Regional CHili Cookoff that I've been to yet.

Our 6th year proved to be our best, We had our annual Defcon Wing-Eating Deathmatch, and for the first time at this event, Adam was our first 2 time back to back winner! Congrats! Well, looking forward to doin' it all over again next year!

Here are some cool pics of the event......


We had an AWESOME time at the 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce festival in Brooklyn!

The thousands that showed up for the event did too! A BIG shoutout to Steve Seabury for putting it all together.

Looking forward to doing it all over again next year!




Yup, we finally did it. Defcon Sauces Swept all 3 First Place awards for mild, medium AND hot wing sauces!

This may be the first time in the history of the Golden Chile Awards where a single company takes 1st Place for all three!

Of course the awards are only part of the show, it's meeting the industry people that ranks supreme!



ALL DEFCON "Defense Condition" wing sauces,

horseradishes and dry rubs ARE GLUTEN-FREE.




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John on Fox News Live !!!!

Just before the Zest Fest 2013 show, we were contacted by Fox News in Manhattan to do a short preview of the Zest Fest show. I meet up with Jonathan Hunt (host of In The Hunt), for a inside look at not only the show but a little about Defcon Sauces as well.

Click HERE to watch John on Fox News Live

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Welcome to the home of DEFCON Sauces,


And the source for the culinary perfection of DEFCON Sauces products.


You are about to embark on a journey that will introduce you to a new outlook for the human condition. You will experience the euphoria knowing that you have found the path to your taste buds Nirvana.

We offer different volumes of heat, depending on your physical need (you know you don't want it, you NEED it). So show the world you have achieved the highest level of consciousness possibly attainable through ingestion.

We congratulate the DEFCON CREATOR, for in his infinite wisdom culinary expertise, he has reached a new level of culinary perfection once thought impossible to attain.

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